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你到底是個廣東人嗎? is now LIVE!!! Native Cantonese speakers can now challenge themselves by playing this game!!!


Added Comments section for Mega Explorer. You may now go there to leave your comments on this website!!!


The Korean Hangman Game for FOB's!!!, The Cantonese Numbers Hangman Game for FOB's!!!, and The Cantonese Colloquial Quiz for Foreigners II !!! are now LIVE!!!


The Cantonese Numbers Quiz for FOB's!!! is now LIVE!!!


"The Cantonese Colloquial Quiz for Intermediate Foreigners" is now LIVE!!! Click here to check it out!


"The Multifaceted Jukebox (beta)" is now LIVE!!! Click here to check it out or find it in the tutorials section!!!


"The Ultimate Face Manipulator" is now LIVE!!! Click here to check it out!!!


"The Anonymous Freedom Chatroom" is now LIVE!! Click here to check them out!!!


"The Classic API Testing Machine is now LIVE!! Click here to check it out now!


"The Golden Data Retriever is now LIVE!!! Click here to check it out now!


"The Ultimate Dragonball Text Battle: Goku vs Cell" and "The Unreal Monster Killing" are now LIVE! Head to the Games section here to check them out!


"The Ultimate Testing Machine for Javascript Functions" is now LIVE! Click here to check it out or find it in the Tutorials section!


"The Articles section is now updated with my work of art! Click here to play it or find it in the Games section right now!


"The Cantonese Colloquial Quiz for Foreigners!!!" is now LIVE! Click here to play it or find it in the Games section right now!


"How High Class Are You?" is now LIVE! Click here to play it or find it there in the Games section!


"The Asian Food Quiz for Experts!!!" is now LIVE! Click here to play it or head to the Games section to find it now!


My About Me page is now done! Click here or use the navigation above to check it out! It should now give people a better idea of what this website is about. Different levels are also added in the Games Section, but the content is still empty from Level 1 to 4.


"The Cantonese Street Food Quiz for Foreigners!" is now LIVE! Click here or find it in the Games section!


"你是否一位電車男?" is now LIVE! Click here or check it out in the Games section!


"The Cantonese Food Quiz for Foreigners!!!" is now LIVE! Click here or go to the Games section to play it.


Lots of code to figure out today! As you can see, I've been transforming this site by adding buttons and mouse-over effects etc, and it can be hard to imagine how much code is needed to create just a couple of buttons with effects. At one point, I've fallen asleep doing the tutorial at and just wanted to skim through stuff instead. There were so much of these materials that I thought, "Will I really need them?" because there's no point of learning code that you won't use. But as I started making my own interactive elements with Javascript, I began to see how I could incorporate each and every one of those things that I thought were minor, into making something that is useful. In fact, there are countless ways of using things like buttons, pop-up windows, input boxes, etc, because you can write all sorts of 'functions' with Javascript. It's all a lot of fun! :)


I have now finished the tutorial section of Javascript on!!! Now it's time to apply what I've learnt by adding some interactive elements to this website. So far I can create input boxes that display some text according to the data entered, but I want to take it step further as soon as possible because to a person who doesn't know IT, they just wouldn't understand how much code is needed to create something that seems really simple. Nowadays, there are softwares that you can use to create these things very easily, but with code, you can get exactly what you want without the need to search for it in a software. When I was small, I had a lot of fun with Microsoft Frontpage, but now it seems like I can have more fun piecing code together just like a jigsaw puzzle! Thanks to the internet for providing the resources for learning today!


More javascript learning today!!! Now I'm at the numbers section of the tutorial at and it brings me back even more memories from my programming course back in university. It seems like C language javascript are quite similar but I guess programming language is just Math after all. So if you like Math, you must like programming! These days I've also been thinking of making some games with Javascript because not only that I always enjoyed them, but programming them should be more fun, even though challenging. As I learn more about programming these days, I start to wonder why there are so many games that are so fun but are actually very repetitive and keeps executing the same code over and over like 100 times! I'm actually amazed by those people who make these games even though most of the time it seems like it's the graphics that attract people to play. It certainly depends on what kind of game it is, but I would like to make a game one day that people would want to play over and over and over...


Today, I spent a lot of time learning Javascript!!! I can't believe how much more fun it is learning Javascript because it seems like there's so much more I can do with it compared to HTML and CSS, which are basically just structuring and styling a webpage. Javascript is a programming language, and it somehow brought me back to those days in my first year of university when I took a C programming course. I still remember I did pretty well in it and I even did the whole programming project for my group mates. It was some kind of game with coordinates and now I'm thinking I must be able to produce sth like that again because apparently Javascript can create countless number of things. Lots of commands are similar to C language!


Today, I spent a lot of time learning CSS and found my old account to upload my website content! It took me quite a while to get what learning HTML and CSS is all about. At first, it can seem like some really boring code to learn, but afterwards, you'll understand that it's always better to write a webpage in HTML because not only it is more professional, but also, it will be more difficult to get things just right such as the layout, spacing, and things on a Create Website Software like Microsoft Frontpage. This was what I used when I was small, back in the those days when Geocities was still alive and webpages were very popular. Nowadays, Facebook and blogs have taken over and it seems like hardly anyone uses webpages anymore to express themselves? I think it's fun and cool learning HTML after all because you can create everything from just a text file using Notepad in Windows.

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